Full colour printing

Sinatra Marketing Group looks at the world in full colour – especially when it comes to
your printing.

Sinatra Marketing Group looks at the world in full colour – especially when it comes to our printing.

Full colour printing is also known as the four-colour process, four colour printing, CMYK printing and the CMYK process.

Whatever you choose to call it, in the hands of our expert team, what at first appears to be a simple blend of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, suddenly becomes your brand vision, brought to life in print: vivid, eye-catching and engaging for existing and future customers.


High-speed, high quality

The high-tech printing machines behind the full colour process have come a long way from the printers of old.

They blend the four primary printing colours and apply them to the material of your choice, whether that’s a gloss or matt stock, or recycled. Don’t forget, we can also Carbon Balance your printed job so you can reduce your carbon footprint. As a World Land Trust certified printer, we can help you minimise your emissions, and trace the paper your product is printed on, from tree to factory. It’s just one of the ways we help our clients print sustainably.


No compromise on quality

Today’s high-quality printing presses makes the full colour process cost effective because it’s faster, but there’s absolutely no compromise on the quality of even the most complex print designs.

As well as helping bring your brand vision to life, whether it’s direct mail inserts or a full colour brochure, our team can also advise on how best to achieve exactly the right colour your printed material requires.


Using spot colours

The vast majority of today’s printed communications are printed using the full colour process, but we know that doesn’t mean one shade fits all.

Spot colour printing puts down one layer of colour at a time, ensuring a brand’s colours are spot on.


Perfect with Pantone

The Pantone range is a good example of spot colours – imagine McDonald’s golden arches in a different shade of yellow – what impact would that have on its brand?

Our expert team will ensure your business’ corporate identity is 100% matched to all its printed communications and marketing material.

Treating your budget as if it was our own

We know how important keeping to budget is. That’s why we installed a Cutstar on our printing press, which allows us to cut paper sheets at variable lengths and reduces the amount of paper waste on each job. Great for the environment, great for your bottom line.

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