In-House Finishing

We are proud to offer a range of finishing services to suit each and every project, and desired look and feel.

Every project we handle at Sinatra Marketing Group gets the same level of care and attention from our expert team. But there are some jobs that require an extra flourish, and that’s where our in-house finishing service comes in. Whether you’re looking for inline or offline enhancements, we can make all your printed communications stand out from the crowd.

The different types of finishes

There are several finishes to choose from, and you can have one or a combination, depending on your project. Drop our experienced team a line here and they’ll give you the benefit of their wisdom. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at what we at Sinatra Marketing Group can offer:

Die cutting/creasing

Some brochures and direct mail inserts need cutting and creasing before they can be folded and sent on to the mailing department. Die cutting can also be used to create shapes, particularly on the front of brochures, to make them more eye-catching.


An elegant way to highlight selected areas of your printed communications, such as a company logo, embossing creates texture by raising parts of the substrate. Debossing does the opposite: it creates a depression in the card or paper. Both methods can be combined with foil stamping to really pack a punch.


Varnishes are commonly used to protect brochures, magazine covers and pages. It’s an old technique that has survived because it is so effective, and there are a large range of varnish options available:
  • gloss
  • matte
  • silk
  • UV/all-over /Spot UV
  • machine sealing

Contact us for all your finishing needs

No matter the vision for your project, our experienced team can turn it into a reality, and give it a finish that will make your existing and future customers say “wow!” Call us on 01268 646789 or use this contact form and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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