Mailing Facilities

At Sinatra Marketing Group, we can produce one-piece mailers and have achieved Royal Mail approval – and that’s just for starters!

One of the best and lowest-cost ways to reach a huge number of customers is through direct mail, and it’s become a key part of many companies’ marketing strategies. Here at Sinatra Marketing Group, we can help you design the printed mail, before sending it out to both prospective or current customers, while you sit back and watch the sales skyrocket.

The benefits of our mailing services

Even in this digital age, many businesses understand the power of direct-mail advertising as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s a method that has lots of upside. Here are just five reasons why our mailing service will work for you:


Direct mail enables businesses to test campaigns on a small scale, without breaking the bank, and ramp up quickly if they prove successful. You can also use our mailing services to capitalise on trends, seasons or particular times of the year.


You can tailor your direct mail campaign(s) for particular groups of customers – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our mailing service is so effective, it can also help boost online-only businesses, as well as improving sales for bricks-and-mortar companies, and help generate loyalty among existing and new customers.


One of the biggest benefits of our mailing services is you can choose what you send to customers. Whether it’s a postcard that has a unique code printed on it, or a full-colour brochure – our team can handle it all.


The results of direct mail campaigns are among the easiest to measure, which is why everyone from start-ups to major corporations have been using them for decades. The response data generated from direct mail campaigns can help identify the best ways to engage customers, making it easier to build loyalty.

Our mailing service

Our team works with a wide range of printed materials for direct mail, here’s just a few:

Colour brochures

These can be mailed out at any time of the year, a quality brochure can be packed with information about a company, product or service or promotional campaign.

Discount vouchers

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Discount vouchers have been a successful way to engage customers for more than 100 years – long may they continue!

Informational postcards

Want to let your customers in on a special event or an upcoming sale? Send them a postcard! Our team can create original designs or postcards that feature or echo your brand colours.

Product and service order forms

Identify and target specific existing customer groups with pre-printed order forms they can fill out and send back to you. Who needs email?

Prepaid envelopes

Another cost-effective and reliable communication method, ideal for discount offers or for registration or sign-up campaigns – talk directly to your customers. No matter your mailing service needs, we can help. Give us a call on 01268 646789 or fill out the contact form here.

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