Inkjet Facilities

Enjoy the powerful benefits of variable data with our in-house inkjet facilities

The expert team at Sinatra Marketing Group can create a wide range of high-quality printed mailing products and coded inserts, using our digital inkjet technology. Cost-effective and accurate, inkjet printing can bring your company and brand message to a whole new audience, boosting revenues and potentially opening up new revenue streams.

What is digital inkjet printing?

Digital inkjet printing allows companies to personalise their printed material with information such as names, addresses, discount codes and other types of variable data. Our inkjet technology is perfect for addressing envelopes, postcards and one-piece mailers as well as printing data on inserts.

The benefits of digital inkjet printing

Every company wants to learn more about their customers’ requirements. Digital inkjet printing and personalisation can give a company a massive amount of data and insight that was previously expensive and hard to collect. This cost-effective technology is helping marketers everywhere understand their audience like never before.

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